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Unpacking the Middle

A Class-based Analysis of the Labour Market in Sri Lanka. Southern Voice Occasional Paper 22

Author : Gunasekara, V.

Publisher: Southern Voice on Post-MDG International Development Goals . Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD)

Place of Publish: Bangladesh, Dhaka

Year: 2015

Page Numbers: 31

Acc. No: 1002-S

Class No: 331 GUN

Category: Soft Documents

Subjects: Labour Economics

Languages: English

ISBN: ISSN 2307-9827 (Online)

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The present study looks at the links between economic class and different labour market variables related to economic participation and employment in Sri Lanka. The findings indicate that: the extreme poor are significantly marginalised from labour markets; educational attainment is positively related to economic class; young people, particularly young females, face considerable obstacles to accessing employment; vulnerable employment is closely linked to low income; gender disparities in labour force participation and job quality are prevalent among all economic classes; and the currently accepted definition of vulnerable employment is insufficient to capture workers engaged in precarious work in both the formal and informal sectors. The policy recommendation that stems from this study is that policies that aim at achieving full, productive and decent employment must be central to poverty eradication measures in the post-2015 agenda.