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World Employement Social Outlook

The Changing Nature of Jobs

Publisher: International Labour Organisation

Place of Publish: Switzerland, Geneva

Year: 2015

Acc. No: 1017-S

Category: Soft Documents

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This report, based on an analysis of employment patterns in over 180 countries at all levels of development, finds that employment patterns have changed considerably over the past decade. Full-time, stable employment contracts represent less than one in four jobs and that statistic is not improving noticeably. Moreover, a continuation of past trends would suggest that the incidence of stable employment relationships will represent an even smaller fraction of the total number of jobs in coming years. The report also highlights cases where labour regulation is adapting to changing forms of work, and reveals that employment protection legislation has modestly increased in many countries and regions. In the cases where the level of protection has fallen in recent years, it has not led to improved employment outcomes. In general, the report indicates the importance of matching regulation to specific economic and labour market conditions. Source: world employment and social outlook - The changing nature of jobs